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1. before buying,please read these pages.
nyunga nyunga music score ( muawkiwa chingodza style )

2. after buy,
songs for listening will come to your email address (refer “download songs” in this page).

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you can start to learn how to play nyunga nyunga with ebook (refer “songs which you can learn” in this page)!

ebook sample


download songs

01. Nhemamusasa
02. Chamutengure
03. Chigwaya
04. Mukai Tiende
05. Taireva
06. Todzungaira
07. Manyatera
08. Manhanga
09. Shanda

instrument : nyunganyunga F tuning, mbira C tuning, hosho
play : musekiwa chingodza, sumi madzitateguru, tinashe chingodza
recording : big boy studio in zimbabwe


songs which you can learn (for Ftuning 16keys nyuga nyunga)

Nhemamusasa 3 parts
Chamutengure 3 parts
Mukai Tiende 2 parts
Todzungaira 2 parts


if you have question send message to (sumi madzitateguru).

unauthorized copying,selling,hiring or rental directly or indirectly of all recording sounds is prohibited.