about nyunga nyunga

nyunga nyunga is the musical instrument which Zimbabwean Shona people have played from long time before.

in zimbabwe,people have played nyunga nyunga,
sang story of daily affair,sometimes serious story,sometimes funny story.

nyunga nyunga also called “munyonga”.
munyonga means shape of the keys of nyunga nyunga.

no one knows nyunga nyunga(munyonga) have played from when.

generally, nyunga nyunga have 15keys,
but “musekiwa chingodza” found out 16keys nyunga nyunga can play *mbira’s ancient songs.

with this lecture,
you can learn how to play 16keys nyunga nyunga.

*mbira: zimbabwean instrument which shona people played for praying ancestor spirits from long time before.